Launch of the IDIaqua project

The Portuguese Water Partnership (PWP) is part of the IDIaqua project team which aims to promote excellence in R+D+I in wastewater treatment in small urban agglomerations.

The PWP has among its objectives the identification of new opportunities for the development of R+D+I projects and initiatives in global markets. In this context, PWP is part of the IDIaqua project team, whose launch meeting took place on October 4, 2017.

IDIaqua aims to promote research in the area of ​​wastewater treatment in small urban settlements and is coordinated by the Center for New Water Technologies (CENTA), based in Sevilla, with the participation of a total of 15 partners from Spain and Portugal. Among the other Portuguese partners are Águas do Algarve, Águas do Vale do Tejo, the University of Beira Interior and the University of Algarve.

The implementation of the project over the next three years is structured into six groups of activities, namely:

  • the creation of a Technological Network for the Treatment of Wastewater in Small Urban Settlements;
  • the development of a “R+D+I Strategy on Wastewater Treatment in Small Urban Agglomerations”;
  • the improvement of R+D+I infrastructure;
  • an innovative demonstration programme; and
  • cross-cutting activities including project management, communication and dissemination of project results.

IDIaqua is financed by the POCTEP Program (2014-2020), with a formal duration of 30 months and a total budget of 3.3 m€, with an ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) contribution of 2.4 m€.

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