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  • Board of the General Assembly

Prof. Francisco Nunes Correia (President) – CEHIDRO/IST – Centre for Hydro-Systems Studies of IST

Mr. Paulo Nunes de Almeida (Vice-President) – AEP – Portuguese Business Association

Mr. Rogério Monteiro Nunes (Vogal) –  CONSULGAL  (company)


  • President of the Board

Mrs. Alexandra Serra (President) – AdP – Águas de Portugal, SGPS, S.A (company)


  • Members of the Board

Mr. Orlando Borges, ERSAR – Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority

Mr. Nuno Lacasta, APA – Portuguese Environment Agency

Mr. Francisco Mariz Machado, AEPSA – Association of Portuguese companies in the environmental sector

Mr.Francisco Taveira Pinto, APRH – Portuguese Association for Water Resources

Mr. Fernando Ferreira, EFACEC (company)

Ms. Rafaela Matos, LNEC – National Laboratory for Civil Engineering

Eng. Fernando Prioste –  COBA (Company)

Eng. Carlos Madeira – EdP Internacional S.A. (Company)


  • Supervisory board

Mr. Carlos Iglésias Ferreira (President) – APEMETA – Portuguese Association of Environment Technologies Companies

Mr. Francisco Lacerda e Megre – ENGIDRO  (company)


  • Strategic Counsel

Mr. Jaime Melo Baptista is the president of the Strategic Council of the Portuguese Water Partnership. Click here to meet the other members of the Strategic Council.


  • Operational Team

Mr. João Simão Pires – Executive Director

Ms. Ana Carlos – Content and Events Manager

Ms. Inês Trindade – Partnership Manager