Portugal on the road to Brasília 2018

The Portuguese Water Partnership (PWP) prepares the organization of the Portuguese Pavilion at the next World Water Forum (WWF).

The objective of the project “Portugal on the road to Brasilia 2018″, sponsored by the Portuguese Environment Ministry, is to stimulate a strong participation of all water cluster stakeholders in this major event, seeking to underline the name of Portugal as a reference country in the international water community, strengthening its international visibility and the role of Portuguese of water sector in the implementation of the SDG agenda on water.

This participation covers all the processes of the World Water Forum (Political, Thematic, Regional, Sustainability, Citizen and Water Fair). This project also integrates an initiative centered on the Lusophone community as a parallel process to the formal structure of WWF 2018, which was launched by Brazil and Portugal and seeks to boost the involvement of Portuguese-speaking countries.

PWP is part of the project team, led by Jaime Melo Baptista, the Commissioner appointed by the Portuguese government, and which includes an Executive Committee and an Advisory Committee.

Portugal will be present at the Fair and Exhibition of WWF 2018, with a pavilion located in a noble area that will be a showcase of Portugal to the World.

The Portuguese participation will have a very attractive program, namely through the use of interactive multimedia in the dissemination of reference projects developed in Portugal and internationally.

If you want to access more information about WWF, you can consult http://www.sg.mamb.gov.pt/fma2018


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