Launch of the TWIST project

The PWP is part of the TWIST project co-financed by Interreg SUDOE through the European Regional Development Fund.

TWIST- Transnational Water Innovation Strategy

The PWP has among its objectives the identification of new opportunities for the development of R+D+I projects and initiatives in global markets. In this context, PWP was part of an international consortium with 12 entities from Portugal, Spain and France, which submitted an application for the Program Interreg Sudoe with the project TWIST  – Transnational Water Innovation Strategy.

The TWIST project’s main objective is to develop a Transnational Innovation Strategy in the Water sector. To achieve this, TWIST will create an open innovation model through new transnational and transregional partnerships among the agents of the sector capable of mobilizing and creating R & D & I processes for compliance with the Water Framework Directive through a model of circular economy.

The TWIST Project was approved in 7 February 2018, in the second call of Interreg Sudoe Program, and the concession agreement was signed the 9 of April 2018, in Santander, Spain, under the Grant Agreement n. º SOE2/P1/E0506. With a total budget of one million and five hundreds and ninety eight thousand Euros is co-financed at 75% by Interreg Sudoe through the European Regional Development Fund. TWIST project started in the 1st of April 2018 and will have a duration of 36 months, divided into the following task groups:

  • WG1. Creation of knowledge: analysis of actors and characterization of innovation processes at regional level;
  • WG2. Experimentation: common methodology for the creation of three “live laboratories” for the management, treatment, recycling and recovery of products in waste water;
  • WG3. Results analysis and market exploration: common strategy for the identification of market opportunities;
  • WG4. Capacity building for regional development and job creation;
  • WG5. Capitalization and transfer of results to other SUDOE regions.

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