PPA held a welcoming seminar for a delegation from Malawi/World Bank

Portugal hosted a delegation of 12 directors from Malawi’s water sector and local officials from the World Bank. This reverse mission was organized by Defining Future Options, a PPA associate, in conjunction with the World Bank and comprised several initiatives aimed at strengthening relations between countries and enabling the sharing of experiences. In this context, the Portuguese Water Partnership, with the kind support of the Multilateral Working Group, organized a public session dedicated to the water sector in Malawi and ongoing and planned initiatives with the support of the World Bank.

In addition to addressing the challenges faced by the water sector in Malawi, as well as discussing the role and support of the World Bank in this context, taking into account the interests expressed by the delegation, we had a panel in which some management entities in Portugal shared their experiences in reducing non-revenue water (program can be consulted here).

See the main presentations here:

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